Donating to Subsoap

A Note From Brian Kramer, Subsoap's Founder

You should know that we do not expect people to make financial donations. We are a for-profit business. Most of all of our funding comes from sales of our products. We are not funded by publishers or investors. We are independent. We are not asking for donations. Donations made to us are not a tax write off. We do not offer any public recognition, prizes, or rewards for donations. We do give much to our customers as a way of saying thank-you for supporting us.

Why a donations page? Some people have asked for a way to make financial contributions to us beyond buying our products. On behalf of Subsoap, I am honored. However, at this time, we do not accept donations. What we would like you to do is to help spread the word about what we make. Doing this for us is incredibly important to us!

If the people you know might be interested in our products, tell them about us! It is the best way to make a difference. Our business grows mostly from our fans telling others about us. We appreciate your support. Our company could not exist without you. Thank you.