What makes Subsoap different?

1. We are 100% self owned and independent.

Because of our independence we can do exactly what we want to do:
create the best possible games which you want to play, books you want to read, and apps you want to use.

2. You like buying for less money - so do we.

You won't find our creations in retail stores at retail prices. We price to be affordable for everyone. We try to price all standard digital products below $20 USD, with as many below $10 as we can. We price fairly: you pay a standard $ amount in USD.

3. When you buy our games you keep them!

We dislike DRM as much as you do. None of the games we directly distribute include any form of DRM (although arguably online services can count as a form of DRM, we try to never require them to enjoy our games offline). When you buy our products you can download an installer which you can use to install the game on any computer you own as many times as you need to.

4. We strive to make high quality products.

We provide support for all paid products. This includes free of charge updates for bug fixes and compatability issues.

5. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with any full product purchase we will give you a refund no questions asked. This refund policy is officially good for 365 days, but if you decide you want a refund after contact us explaining why and we will try to work with you to give you one.

6. We build cross-platform products.

Pay once, and you will be able to access all versions of a product we have available. Windows, Mac, HTML5, Flash, Android, and more in the future. We also support Linux unofficially (you must know what you are doing to install Linux games).

7. We make premium products.

When you buy a game, book, or app from us your purchase includes a ton of content, extras, and bonuses for one low price.

8. We support our games and publish many free of charge updates for them.

We strive to make high quality products, publish them, and then surprise our fans with lots of extra content free of charge after their initial purchase.

9. It's easy to get and play our games!

Buy, download, and play!

10. We love what we do!

This is the job we have dreamed of doing since we were young and every day we put our hearts into our work.